Visual Lighting 2020 R2

Visual Lighting 2020 R2 includes new features and updates to improve your design process. Visual Lighting 2020 is an update to Visual Lighting 2017 and is a free upgrade to all users with an active subscription. Please review some of the key features below:

Enhanced Interface

The software interface has been updated to provide a more intuitive user experience during the design process.

Faster Calculation Speed

The lighting calculations have been updated to support multiple computer processors and decrease the calculation time for large design projects.

New DWG/DXF import using RealDWG

The import/export capabilities have been updated to support the latest AutoCAD files using Autodesk's RealDWG conversion library. Autodesk's Real DWG

New Product Selection

Product Selection now includes a cloud-based option to access product data, eliminating the need to download large product files to your computer.

Illuminance Recommendation Tool

Searchable database of IES illuminances recommendations.

Light Loss Factor Calculator

Updated LLF Calculator is back to help you determine LLF values based on IES guidelines.

Integrated Daylight Calculations

Daylight features add the ability to cut window openings, select location, sky condition and time of day. This information is used to perform snapshot analysis of daylight in your project. The default sky uses measured sky conditions as recorded by local weather stations.