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  • Interface Overview


    Review the similarities between the interface of Visual 2.6 and Visual 2012

  • Features


    Quick run through of a project in Visual to demonstrate feature set. See below for project walkthroughs.

  • Warehouse Tutorial [Beginner]


    Build a warehouse and then compare two lighting options in this beginner tutorial. Follow along, pause while you work!

  • Stair Tower


    Follow along and build a stair tower in Visual.

  • Wallpack Comparison


    Develop a file to compare wallpack luminaires using relative coordinates to build geometry without using a background

  • Emergency Lighting [Advanced]


    Use layers to separate out emergency luminaires from general lighting in order to calculate emergency egress lighting. Demo File

  • Arched Ceiling


    Learn how to create rooms with complex ceiling shapes. Or look at this example file.

  • Hip Roof


    Learn how to use construction lines to create a hip roof and other complex shapes.

  • Curved Walls


    Learn how to create rooms with curved walls.

  • Creating Coves


    Learn how to create perimeter and uplight coves in visual [advanced]

  • Importing 3D Geometry


    Learn how to best import Sketchup models into Visual. Click here for the free plugin that enables DXF export from sketchup

  • Modify Commands


    Review familiar modify commands like Array, Copy, and Move, as well as an introduction to the powerful new modify commands Pull and Stretch.

  • Scale & Distance


    Import a dwg, then use the distance and scale commands to correct the scale

  • Luminaire Schedule


    Add and edit Luminaires in your design with the Luminaire Schedule

  • Selecting Products


    Use the Product Selection tool to quickly find and add IES files to your luminaire schedule

  • Luminaires


    Place, orient, and aim Luminaires. Adjust visibility of aim lines, photometric webs, and templates.

  • Changing Tilt Axis


    Learn how to adjust which axis Tilt gets applied to on a luminaire

Lighting Controls
  • Adding nLight Controls


    See how to add Sensor Switch and nLight control blocks to your Visual file

  • Calculation Zones


    Learn how to create calculation zones and edit their properties.

  • Masking Calculation Zones


    Learn how you can use masking to remove calculation points from your calculation zones

  • Creating Statistical Zones


    Learn how you can get statistical information for sub regions of calculation zones

  • Changing Shading & Using Views


    Change how you view your model, and learn how to save 'Views'

  • Understanding Navigation


    Learn how Visual makes navigating your model a simple and fast task

  • Print Editor I


    Learn how to open the print editor, change page size, and customize templates

  • Print Editor II


    Learn about adding drawings, luminaire schedules, product information, and pdfs to your reports.

  • Snapshot


    Snapshot command lets you can zoom in on sub regions of a drawing or use it to crop the extent of a drawing

Layer Manager, Properties, and Design Manager
  • Managing Layers


    Use layers to organize your design file

  • Using Properties


    View and edit object properties in the Design Environment, also covers adding and removing items from a selection

  • Design Manager


    Use the Design Manager to inspect your design and make complex selections or change a luminaire type to another type

Tools & Settings
  • Import Interior Tool


    Use the Interior Tool within Visual to create a room with luminaires

  • Daylighting in Visual


    Learn how to add windows, select sky condition, location, and time of analysis.

  • Pyramidal Skylights [Advanced]


    Build a pyramidal skylight and array it across a big box store.

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