Visual 2012

Visual 2012

The Visual Team is proud to announce the release of the Visual 2012 lighting design software. Visual 2012 has been redesigned to provide a more intuitive user experience and includes new features to meet the lighting design requirement of Visual customers.


Visual 2012 includes quick and powerful rendering capabilities to allow you and your customer to visualize the lighting design. Once a rendering is generated, you can easily navigate your entire rendered model and save rendered images to add to your printed documentation. Rendering requires no additional work, just click the Render button to see your lighting design.


Visual 2012 allows you to view and manage layers from imported CAD files. You can use layers to customize your lighting design by controlling the color, visibility and calculation state in the new Layer Manager. Watch a tutorial video on the Layer Manager.

New Print Editor

The new Print Editor has been redesigned to allow complete customization of your printed documentation. You can customize the content, change the font and easily rescale the Luminaire Schedule, Statistics, Luminaire Location and other printable data to fit any paper size. The Print Editor provides instant access to spec sheets and product images for all Acuity Brands products to help you deliver professional documentation to your customer.

New Product Selection

The new Product Selection makes it is easier to find Acuity Brands products and related product data such as product images, spec sheets, luminaire models and Revit files. The Product Selection includes a searchable Acuity Brands product database that is automatically updated when new products are released. Watch a tutorial video on Product Selection.

Internet License

Visual 2012 employs an internet-based license that will be managed and stored on the Acuity Brands servers. A single Internet License allows you to use Visual on multiple computers, in the office and at home. An Internet License for Visual 2012 will be an annual subscription service. An annual subscription fee provides one seat of an Internet License that can be shared among multiple users. Companies can purchase additional seats per Internet License if they need multiple users to access the software at the same time. Unlimited technical support and software updates are included for the duration of the subscription period.

Design Audit

A Design Audit is ran every time your project is calculated. Design Audit's catch common mistakes such as luminaires outside of rooms and duplicate luminaires.

New Modify Commands

Use the new Stretch command to modify calculation zones and surfaces to avoid recreation. The new Pull command allows you to quickly adjust room height.

Design Manager

The Design Manager is way to view all the objects in your design. It can be used to find invisible entities that cannot be seen/selected normally in the design environment. You can also use it to select all luminaires by type to do bulk luminaire type changes.

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