Change the NVIDIA Control Panel settings


There is an intel driver issue that is causing the Design Layout to display without grids and print pages display without the "paper". The user can downgrade their driver (which seems to work on most PCs) but depending on what their oldest driver date is, downgrading may not work.

If this does not work or you do not have an NVIDIA card, the user can complete a clean uninstall of VC (Uninstall, delete C:\ProgramData\Visual Controls 2017 folder, restart PC) then install the last released version of VC (

If, the user has an NVIDIA graphics processor in their PC, they can change the default 3d accelerator to the NVIDIA processor.


Right click on your desktop and see if there is an NVIDIA Control Panel option.
Image result for nvidia control panel 3d settings right click
If there is, click it and in the right panel, click Manage 3D settings.

In the left pane, change the Preferred Processor to the NVIDIA processor then click Apply.


Reference ID: 60318 ( 333 )

Last Updated: 1/15/2020 1:18:16 PM